Monday, March 30, 2009

CQ Memories

This past Saturday, The Country Quilter closed. I have been a part of the store from the very beginning, the summer of 1990. The shop and the wonderful women who have worked there have enriched my life in so many ways - allowing me to become a teacher, helping me to open my own pattern company, Design and Planning Concepts, and more recently, providing the atmosphere where I am transitioning from more traditional quilting to making art quilts. Claire Oehler and Jane Davila have been both friends and inspirational quilters. I thanked Claire with this "art" piece, constructed on an empty fabric bolt and covered with memories from the last 18 years.

Tipping Point

In December, '07, I decided to challenge myself to create a 4" art piece using the words from IllustrationFriday website. I would do one a week for a year and use paper in each piece. In September, '08, I was at a Tipping Point - about 4 months behind. I managed to catch up and completed 50 little works by December 31, 2008. The last two are awaiting photos which seem to be lost in my house.

Multiply? 2/22/08

I need better glasses. I thought the word was multiply and I happily layered two papers, painted a bit for depth, collaged my numbers and covered the whole thing with matte gel. Then I reread the website and found out the word was "multiple", not multiply. Well, I have multiple numbers!

Choose 2/8/08

Paper, ribbon, rayon thread stitched on fabric and French knots

Blanket 2/1/08

Silk fabrics and decorative thread were supposed to be a "blanket" of snow. When I was done, it looked more like it needed a green pea for "Once Upon a Mattress".

Tales & Legends

Foil, linen, and mulberry paper. Can you guess the "tale"?

Plain 1/18/08

"J" is for Jane, who is anything but plain. Fabric, paper and a painted "J". The J didn't show up well, so I stitched around it. In person, it still doesn't show up well. Oh well.

Stitch 1/11/08

Hand stitched with linen thread through fabric, then stitched onto paper.

100% 1/4/08

Two kinds of paper and 100% of all the fabrics I was using at this time. The fabrics are woven.

Soar 12/28/07

My "bird" is from a drawing I made years ago at QSDS.

Horizon 12/21/07

Mulberry paper, six fabrics, a charm and metalic thread

Backwards 12/14/07

If you hold this up to a mirror, you can read all of my favorite people and hobbies, which were stamped on organza, mounted on fabric which was mounted on paper.

Little Things 12/07/07

painted toothpicks from Japan, paper, fabric, metalic thread, charm