Sunday, June 8, 2008

Collaboration V

The photogra- pher is my husband and the photo is printed on fabric. The quilt is 37" square. Cotton, beading and hand quilting.

Collaboration I,II, and III

Picture taken in Fall of 1973. I started quilting in 1984, but I think this previous work is my very best art.

My Best Art Once Removed

Cole age 4
Jay age 2
Two more "best art" pics and then quilts, honest.

And More Best Art Once Removed

Alex (do not call her Alexandra, she says)
age 4

And Even More

Zachary - age two and a half

Tori Gates

It took me ten years to figure out how I wanted to depict a very special moment in Japan. Red silk kimono fabric, moon and mountain by FL-Air, velvets, cottons, beading, hand applique, hand and machine quilting.

Luna IV

Luna IV was created for the One Foot Square Auction for SAQA. Paper, upholstery fabric, cotton, ribbon, hand and machine stitching.

Diamonds and Silk

The white fabric is a silk kimona purchased in Japan in 1994. My challenge was to create a design which could accommo-
date the very light silk with the very heavy brocade. I was told "It couldn't be done!"