Monday, June 15, 2009

Balloon 11/28/08

Here are 12 more little squares from my Illustration Friday efforts for 2008. There were three words not expressed, but I still plan to do them. And what am I going to do with fifty-two 3 3/4" pieces? A future post will give you a clue! However, for now - up, up and away seems like a good finishing touch.

Opinion 11/21/08

Two sides to every story.

Wise 11/17/08

Mulberry paper, hand dyed fabric, suede, and decorative threads and wools.

Vacant 10/31/08

Fabric, paper, hand dyed cheese cloth, machine and hand stitching. I worked on the word "va- cant" when the whole foreclosure debacle was starting.

Repair 10/24/08

Paper and buttons and wire and part of an old vest and linen thread, oh my.

Late 10/17/08

This is a reuse of part of a necklace from Kenya and is one of my favorite little pieces.

Strings 10/10/08

Finally a use for a garish metal "rib-
bon" - a perfect holder for a variety of decorative threads.

Sugary 10/3/08

My sweet Alexandra! Paper, fabric, photo transfer (photo by Alex's mom, Caset), and beads.


Mulberry paper, linen thread and packed fabric.

Clique 9/19/08

Can you relate this to the title?

Island 9/12/08

Mulberry paper, resist dyed fabric (by me), beads, rafia.

Clutter 9/15/08

"Clutter" is definitely not my style, so I had to label this little piece - heaven forbid someone should think that this is my art! Finally got to use a silly little beaded bug - it was too good to throw out and too bad to use!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Forgotten 6/6/08

I rarely make quilts (or art quilts) that try to give a deep, meaningful message. However, with the word "for-
gotten", all I could think about was what should NOT be forgotten.
Cardboard, ribbon, paper, photo transfer onto organza, stamping, picture printed on paper, and wire.

Memories 8/29/08

Hummock Pond. cotton, paper, rafia, beads, machine and hand stitching.

Routine 8/22/08

This is what I think of doing the routine things we all must do.

Detach 8/15/08

What was I thinking? This is way too obvious but I was not inspired to try to either fix it or do something else. I shall
"detach" this from what ever I plan to do with these little pieces.

Sail 8/8/08

Mulberry paper, cotton, silk and decorative thread.


This is one of my favorites. Paper, linen, hand dyed fabric, decorative threads, and BEADS!

Canned 7/25/08

Enough 7/18/08

When is enough, enough?

Foggy 7/11/08

Rice paper, cotton and machine stitching.

Sour 7/4/08

Not too many thoughts for "sour" - just lemons, so used a lemon suede backing with paper, found objects, parts of old earings, and a metal "bead" made by me.

Fierce 6/27/08

Isn't he?

Hoard 6/20/08

Paper, silks, beads, decorative threads.

Punchline 6/13/08

Not exactly a punchline, but "It ain't over till the fat lady sings". My lady was inspired by an Eleanor Peace Bailey doll I made many years ago.