Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Worry 5/23/08

This posting is 12 more 4" pieces inspired by the words from http://www.illustrationfriday
"Worry" is made from paper, silks, linen thread and wire.

Wide 5/16/08

Mulberry paper, linen thread, narrow and"wide" ribbon. Not too many thoughts on the word - wide.

Electricity 5/9/08

Cotton, decorative thread and pieces of
that The Eclectic Collector in Katonah uses for safe guarding your purchase.

Seed 5/2/08

Silk, paper, decorative thread, rayon, copper metal and beads. This little piece has led to several other
"Seeds" which are larger and are being shown in various venues.

Wrinkles 4/25/08

Mulberry paper, hand dyed cheese cloth, cotton and beads

Primative 4/18/08

This is one of my favorite 4" pieces. Mulberry paper, hand dyed cheese cloth flat stones from a beach in Nova Scotia, thread and rafia.

Fail 4/11/08



Paper, cotton, paint and rayon thread. It seems like it's getting harder and harder to save the earth....or is it 24/7 news hype? What ever happened to acid rain? In 15 years from now, will we say - what ever happened to the ocean swallowing up New York City?

Pet Peeves 3/21/08

Wire, paper, cotton, decorative and rayon thread.

It's probably impossible to guess my pet peeve, but if I told you, this little art piece would make sense.

Heavy 3/14/08

Cotton, decorative thread, and a fringe made by Linda Oehler-Marx to keep herself from being very frustrated.

Garden 3/7/08

Mulberry paper, cotton, ribbon, embroidery floss and beads

Leap 2/29/08

Metallic thread, silk, cotton, paper and beads