Thursday, October 15, 2009

Not Your Baker's Yeast

Felice Frankel's macro photogra-
phy of yeast colonies magnified many times inspired this quilt. The filamented circles, although pretty, are invasive colonies and can cause disease.

Not Your Baker's Yeast - detail

This quilt is made with cotton, silks, velvets, cheese-
cloth, and decorative wools, ribbons and threads. Machine pieced and appliqued, machine and hand quilted

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Metals

These four little quilts are mounted on 8 x 10 painted canvases. They are for sale at The Commons Gallery in Eastport, Maine. Painting the canvas was quite a challenge - I must have painted 10 different layers before I got an acceptable look.

Metal I

All four quilts use paper, fabric, wool or ribbon edging and some kind of metal. This quilt uses copper mesh, beads and hand stitching with linen thread.

Metal II

Metal III

Metal IV

Monday, June 15, 2009

Balloon 11/28/08

Here are 12 more little squares from my Illustration Friday efforts for 2008. There were three words not expressed, but I still plan to do them. And what am I going to do with fifty-two 3 3/4" pieces? A future post will give you a clue! However, for now - up, up and away seems like a good finishing touch.

Opinion 11/21/08

Two sides to every story.

Wise 11/17/08

Mulberry paper, hand dyed fabric, suede, and decorative threads and wools.

Vacant 10/31/08

Fabric, paper, hand dyed cheese cloth, machine and hand stitching. I worked on the word "va- cant" when the whole foreclosure debacle was starting.

Repair 10/24/08

Paper and buttons and wire and part of an old vest and linen thread, oh my.

Late 10/17/08

This is a reuse of part of a necklace from Kenya and is one of my favorite little pieces.

Strings 10/10/08

Finally a use for a garish metal "rib-
bon" - a perfect holder for a variety of decorative threads.

Sugary 10/3/08

My sweet Alexandra! Paper, fabric, photo transfer (photo by Alex's mom, Caset), and beads.


Mulberry paper, linen thread and packed fabric.

Clique 9/19/08

Can you relate this to the title?

Island 9/12/08

Mulberry paper, resist dyed fabric (by me), beads, rafia.

Clutter 9/15/08

"Clutter" is definitely not my style, so I had to label this little piece - heaven forbid someone should think that this is my art! Finally got to use a silly little beaded bug - it was too good to throw out and too bad to use!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Forgotten 6/6/08

I rarely make quilts (or art quilts) that try to give a deep, meaningful message. However, with the word "for-
gotten", all I could think about was what should NOT be forgotten.
Cardboard, ribbon, paper, photo transfer onto organza, stamping, picture printed on paper, and wire.

Memories 8/29/08

Hummock Pond. cotton, paper, rafia, beads, machine and hand stitching.

Routine 8/22/08

This is what I think of doing the routine things we all must do.

Detach 8/15/08

What was I thinking? This is way too obvious but I was not inspired to try to either fix it or do something else. I shall
"detach" this from what ever I plan to do with these little pieces.

Sail 8/8/08

Mulberry paper, cotton, silk and decorative thread.


This is one of my favorites. Paper, linen, hand dyed fabric, decorative threads, and BEADS!

Canned 7/25/08

Enough 7/18/08

When is enough, enough?

Foggy 7/11/08

Rice paper, cotton and machine stitching.

Sour 7/4/08

Not too many thoughts for "sour" - just lemons, so used a lemon suede backing with paper, found objects, parts of old earings, and a metal "bead" made by me.

Fierce 6/27/08

Isn't he?

Hoard 6/20/08

Paper, silks, beads, decorative threads.

Punchline 6/13/08

Not exactly a punchline, but "It ain't over till the fat lady sings". My lady was inspired by an Eleanor Peace Bailey doll I made many years ago.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Worry 5/23/08

This posting is 12 more 4" pieces inspired by the words from http://www.illustrationfriday
"Worry" is made from paper, silks, linen thread and wire.

Wide 5/16/08

Mulberry paper, linen thread, narrow and"wide" ribbon. Not too many thoughts on the word - wide.

Electricity 5/9/08

Cotton, decorative thread and pieces of
that The Eclectic Collector in Katonah uses for safe guarding your purchase.

Seed 5/2/08

Silk, paper, decorative thread, rayon, copper metal and beads. This little piece has led to several other
"Seeds" which are larger and are being shown in various venues.

Wrinkles 4/25/08

Mulberry paper, hand dyed cheese cloth, cotton and beads

Primative 4/18/08

This is one of my favorite 4" pieces. Mulberry paper, hand dyed cheese cloth flat stones from a beach in Nova Scotia, thread and rafia.

Fail 4/11/08



Paper, cotton, paint and rayon thread. It seems like it's getting harder and harder to save the earth....or is it 24/7 news hype? What ever happened to acid rain? In 15 years from now, will we say - what ever happened to the ocean swallowing up New York City?

Pet Peeves 3/21/08

Wire, paper, cotton, decorative and rayon thread.

It's probably impossible to guess my pet peeve, but if I told you, this little art piece would make sense.

Heavy 3/14/08

Cotton, decorative thread, and a fringe made by Linda Oehler-Marx to keep herself from being very frustrated.

Garden 3/7/08

Mulberry paper, cotton, ribbon, embroidery floss and beads

Leap 2/29/08

Metallic thread, silk, cotton, paper and beads

Monday, March 30, 2009

CQ Memories

This past Saturday, The Country Quilter closed. I have been a part of the store from the very beginning, the summer of 1990. The shop and the wonderful women who have worked there have enriched my life in so many ways - allowing me to become a teacher, helping me to open my own pattern company, Design and Planning Concepts, and more recently, providing the atmosphere where I am transitioning from more traditional quilting to making art quilts. Claire Oehler and Jane Davila have been both friends and inspirational quilters. I thanked Claire with this "art" piece, constructed on an empty fabric bolt and covered with memories from the last 18 years.

Tipping Point

In December, '07, I decided to challenge myself to create a 4" art piece using the words from IllustrationFriday website. I would do one a week for a year and use paper in each piece. In September, '08, I was at a Tipping Point - about 4 months behind. I managed to catch up and completed 50 little works by December 31, 2008. The last two are awaiting photos which seem to be lost in my house.

Multiply? 2/22/08

I need better glasses. I thought the word was multiply and I happily layered two papers, painted a bit for depth, collaged my numbers and covered the whole thing with matte gel. Then I reread the website and found out the word was "multiple", not multiply. Well, I have multiple numbers!

Choose 2/8/08

Paper, ribbon, rayon thread stitched on fabric and French knots

Blanket 2/1/08

Silk fabrics and decorative thread were supposed to be a "blanket" of snow. When I was done, it looked more like it needed a green pea for "Once Upon a Mattress".

Tales & Legends

Foil, linen, and mulberry paper. Can you guess the "tale"?